Posted by: investmentclub | October 18, 2007


Hey, i though I would let everyone know about Zecco. I have a trading account here as well as at thinkorswim. However Zecco is great for you beginners because there are no account minimums and you get a ton of free trades every month.

For those of you who already have trading accounts, you can still get a Zecco account for free and join the new ZeccoShare, its like myspace only for investors. I just got the email about it, and its still in beta, but you can have them add you to the waiting list. Here is some information they sent me on it:

ZeccoShare, the revolutionary social investing network at Zecco, is now open to all 70,000 community members, and anyone else who wishes to join. Investors can create a profile and begin using ZeccoShare to tap into the power of social networking for their investment decisions. All for free. Get started now by activating your profile.

The power of ZeccoShare is its transparency. The Zecco blogs and forums already let investors debate and share investing ideas. Now, users can elect to have their actual investment behavior verified, which ads credibility. At the same time, you and your personal information remain anonymous, so that your private affairs stay private.

Happy investing,

Tommy Fountain



  1. Yeah that free trades deal is done for unless you have a $24,000 account with them. Why are you wasting time with ‘think or swim’? Anyone speaks a foreign language, patch in a communication line to me, this market hasn’t hit bottom yet but there is pleanty of money out in the world. Respond if you can speak another language

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